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Collective Training Environments

Combined with all components of the DSTS, a real, collective environment can be created to provide scenario driven training. With the DSTS the OPFOR can create an Operational Environment to model any hybrid threat to meet the requirements of the OPFOR Battle Book.

Realistic Operational Environment

Utilizing a wide array of leading edge technology, OSTI creates a real world environment where intelligence can be collected, processed, produced, and disseminated. More importantly, this intelligence can be gathered as part of a coordinated, multi-technology scenario designed to replicate an enemy force.

Total Training Solutions

OSTi's extensive catalog of Suites can be purchased individually to supplement and increase capabilities to current training environments, or can be purchased or leased as a part of our Advanced Suites, which combines multiple systems, scenarios, and white-force systems that are unmatched as Total Training Suites.

Advanced Training Systems (Click Image for more details)

Latest Blog Articles

OSTi's Wide Area Role Player Suite (WARRS-B) made its operational debut as a primary component of the Operational RF Environment used to replicate "fog of war" scenarios at Joint Base Lewis McChord during Operation Gryphon Longsword, the largest Intelligence Training Operation in the history of the United States Army.
More than 2,100 members participated in Emerald Warrior, an annual Air Force Special Operations Command two-week joint service, interagency and partner nation exercise that concluded here May 1. "Emerald Warrior 2015 was a complete success,” said Col. Brenda Cartier, the Emerald Warrior 2015 exercise director. “It has gone spectacularly. I am very proud of the team and of the folks that have participated.”